My Top 10 Dollar Tree Deals

1. Holiday Decor- They have so many good finds, that only cost a dollar. 


2. Place mats- I love changing my table throughout the year! You can find some good seasonal and decorative ones that are always changing.   

3. Aluminum Foil- I love the square foil sheets. You can find their brand or Reynolds. 


4. Cards.- They have a good selection of cards for all occasions. 

5. Gift Bags- I love that you can find any sized bag. 


6.Dish soap- They have name brand or generic. 

7. Sponges- I love the big yellow sponges because you get 7 for a dollar. 


8. Anti-bacteria Spray- I love the spic and span spray. 

9. Cleaning supplies- You can find any type of supply you need. 


10. Gain Fabric Sheets

The best part of all: you CAN use coupons and save even more! 


I'm a frugal, money saving, spouse and mother of three. We live on a very tight budget of 52,000 a year. I wanted to start this blog to share my journey of living a frugal but laid back life. I hope you enjoy!

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