Necropolis Haunted House in Indianapolis


We took our boys to Necropolis Haunted House in Indianapolis and we loved it! Our youngest who is 9 years old REALLY wanted to go through but ended up changing his mind right before we entered! He has convinced us for weeks that he was old enough and ready to handle it this year.  It ended up working out perfectly because our oldest waited with him in the security lounge, while we went through. It was like a mini date and brought back our teenage years. 🙂 I wish I could of taken pictures of the scenes and actors because it was amazing! I jumped and screamed my whole way through! Once we finished Brandon(Fiance) was a good sport and took Carson(Oldest) through, while I waited with Ian(youngest).  This is one of my favorite ones that I have been to in Indianapolis! If you like Haunted Houses, this one is a must!

My Google Review

Awesome Haunted House! It was one of the best ones that I have been to in Indianapolis. The actors were great and the sets were amazing! At almost 30, I screamed my way through all three attractions and jumped multiple times in each one. It even made my fiance jump, which is amazing in itself! My 12 year old son loved the excitement from fear. He also loved how realistic the scenes were and the detail of the costumes.

My youngest(9 years old) was to scared to go through so they allowed him to sit with security. Some of the actors came by and showed him it was pretend. I thought it was nice of them to take time out of their night and show him they were friendly.




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2 comments on “Necropolis Haunted House in Indianapolis
  1. What a brilliant thing for those actors to do! I’m a bit scaredy when it comes to zombie films etc and always make a point of watching behind the scenes stuff to take some of the edge away 🙂


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