My Best Parenting Advice


I have been on this parenting journey for 13 years now and along the way I have learned a few things(still am).  I think that the most important thing is to always try your best, learn from your mistakes and know its okay to mess up.  Here are a few things I try to follow:

  1. Cherish each day- It’s important to cherish every day with your children. Time goes by so quickly and they grow up so fast. On those days that I’m feeling pretty grouchy or they are being a handful, I remind myself that 🙂
  2. Be involved- Get to know your children’s teachers and be involved anyway that you can at school. I’m a mom that works full time so it’s not possible for me to volunteer in the classroom or go on every field trip. I do try to volunteer at one school event, do cut outs at home or purchase something that the class needs. I’m also their biggest cheerleaders at their sporting events!
  3. Give each child one on one time- I make sure that each one of my children get at least 20 minutes of alone time with me. Some days its more time and on rare days it might be just 5 or 10 minutes. One on one with my 12 year old is usually, sitting in his room and hearing about his day, listening to his new favorite song, cleaning his closet while he talks to me, or watching him do a new skateboard trick. My 9 year old loves it when I watch a spongebob episode with him, toss the football, read a book, play a xbox game, or just hang out in his room.
  4. Family time- We spend time as a family every day and try to do one family outing a week.  I feel that by spending time as a unit,You instill family values and help ensure that deep, strong, family bond with one another.
  5. Get to know their friends and parents- It is important to know who your child is around and the influences they will have on them. I always have this saying in my mind when there is a new parent and as they get older friend being introduced: Whatever your child does not learn at home, you can be assured they will learn elsewhere.  My 9 year(4th grade) old has been allowed to stay the night at only 2 different friends houses and my 12 year old(5th grade) has been allowed to stay at 5. We always get to know the family before they are allowed to stay the night and if we have any gut feeling that they shouldn’t, they don’t.
  6. Get them the help, if they need it- If you suspect something is wrong with your child, mentally, physically, medically or emotionally, get them the help they need. It doesn’t mean your a failure. My 12 year old struggled with school in his yearly years and I suspected something was wrong but I waited a year because I felt like I failed and I didn’t want him to be labeled. News Flash to myself: It had nothing to do with me as a parent! We came to find out that he had dyslexia. He got the help he needed and 5 years later he stills struggles a little bit but works his butt off and  is on the A/B honor roll. Proud Momma!
  7. Be consistent- No means no and Don’t change your rules every other day!
  8. Don’t give them everything- I’ve been told by my 12 year old that it’s not fair that I’m the youngest and strictest mom out of all his friends. My house doesn’t have 5 different gaming systems, a ipod each, multiply computers, and my children do not have cell phones. My children work for what they want and have always had everything they need. We have a family xbox and labtop, my oldest has a ipod and my youngest has a kindle fire. Neither of them have a cell phone(which makes me the meanest mom) because they don’t go anywhere without us or where there isn’t a phone. My point is, they don’t need every little thing that they want.
  9. Don’t beat yourself up- It is okay to mess up as a parent.  We all have our bad days and no one is perfect.
  10. Show them a healthy relationship- This is a big one for me. I think that children need to see a healthy relationship between their parents. Our children see us being affectionate, loving,silly, helpful, kind, frustrated with one another, and when we get into a disagreement then they see us make up.
  11. Don’t put your spouse on the back burner. Your relationship with spouse should be one of your top priorities. I can’t tell you how often, I have seen couples put there children first and then once their children are gone, all of a sudden they are unhappy in their relationship. Just like your children your spouse should get one on one time with you each day.

I'm a frugal, money saving, spouse and mother of three. We live on a very tight budget of 52,000 a year. I wanted to start this blog to share my journey of living a frugal but laid back life. I hope you enjoy!

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