Saturday Savings- July 12 Grocery Shopping Trip Break down

I have researched about budgeting and money saving tips until I can no longer look at the computer screen. This is what I have come up with for Grocery Shopping money saving tips:

  1. Set an amount to spend.
  2. Take inventory of what you you need.
  3. Plan meals based on weekly sales ad.
  4. Make a list and stick to it.
  5. Only buy what is on sale or store brand products
  6. Use coupons if possible.

I started planning our family budget in June and started the 90 dollar a week grocery limit the first week of July. I decided to start this part of the budget to see if it was doable for us, so far it’s been a success.

A little before and Now:


Grocery stores: Before-All over, Now: Mainly Kroger or Fresh Thyme for Produce

Coupons: Before-Rarely, Now: Kroger Digital and I look through what is sent in the mail

Budget: Before-Anywhere from 125-175 each trip(2-3 times a month) often times not buying enough meals for a week. Now: 90 dollars a week and it lasts for all week.

The 90 dollars a week will allow us to have more money to use for family fun, paying off a debt and saving.

Now My Grocery trip for the week of July 12-19


Spent: $94.91

Saved: $60.87

Over: $4.91(Bought 2 packages of toilet paper instead of one for sale price)


  1. Blueberries-.99
  2. Raspberries-.89
  3. Oranges- 2.99
  4. Apples- 3.99
  5. Bananas- .70
  6. Potatoes- 3.99    Total- 13.55


  1. Sausage-1.69
  2. Hamburger Patties- 7.99
  3. Pork Loin- 5.12
  4. Chicken Drumbsticks- 3.21
  5. Bratwurst- 3.49                   Total- 21.50


  1. Propel Water- Free(Kroger Friday free item)
  2. Dr. Pepper- 4.00(My addiction)
  3. Grape Pop- 1.75(Boys Treat)
  4. Ice Mountain- 2.99
  5. 2 Gallons of milk- 3.76           Total- 12.50


  1. Fries- 1.99
  2. Frozen Veggies- 2.00
  3. Stouffer’s Lasagna- 4.49
  4. 3 Frozen Pizzas- 3.00
  5. Chicken Nuggets- 2.69           Total- 14.17


  1. 2 rolls of paper towels- 1.38
  2. 2 12 pack packages of cottonelle- 6.50    Total- 7.88


  1. Bread/hotdog buns/hamburger- 2.49
  2. 2 suddenly salads- 2.84
  3. 2 Kroger Puddings- 1.78
  4. Pasta Noodles – 1.00
  5. 2 quaker cereals- 3.00
  6. Foot Loops- 1.79
  7. Bbq/Ketchup- 3.00
  8. Kroger cheese- 1.99
  9. Rice- 1.00
  10. pretzels- 1.67
  11. Doritos- 1.49
  12. Chips- 1.77
  13. Ritz Crackers- 1.49       Total- 25.31



  1. Cereal
  2. Oatmeal(already had)
  3. Pancakes(already had)
  4. Toast
  5. Eggs(already had)
  6. Fruit


  1. Pizza
  2. Nuggets
  3. Sandwiches(already had)
  4. Leftovers


  1. Lasagna, garlic bread, and corn
  2. Burgers and fries
  3. Brats, pasta salad, and peas
  4. Bbq chicken, rice pilaf and peas
  5. Pulled pork, pasta salad, green beans
  6. BBq Pulled pork, salad, and corn
  7. Jambalaya

We always have fruit Salad, veggies, yogurt and string cheese available to snack on. We have been bringing leftovers or a sandwich to work since June 30, 2014. I would like to cut out the junk but I’m trying to focus on spending just 90 dollars a week first. Do you have any grocery saving tips?



I'm a frugal, money saving, spouse and mother of three. We live on a very tight budget of 52,000 a year. I wanted to start this blog to share my journey of living a frugal but laid back life. I hope you enjoy!

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